SunMed Raw Hemp CBG Flower

SunMed Raw Hemp CBG Flower

What is Sunmed CBG FLOWER?

SunMed raw hemp CBG flower is rich in terpenes with a high level of Cannabigerol, or CBG. This is one of the newest products provided byBuy SunMed Raw Hemp CBG Flower cbg cbd flower SunMed and available from Your CBD Store. We ensure all SunMed raw hemp CBG flowers are of superior quality to meet your high standards.

This remarkable hemp flower is in two different-sized canisters and is packed with Nitrogen Gas to preserve freshness. View our third-party test results to get a closer look at the impressive terpene profile found in this flower.

Our CBG and CBD Flower contains high levels of CBG, one of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in hemp that, like CBD, has researchers excitedly studying the potential chemical benefits. There is more information on THC and CBD than on CBG at this time, but research is underway on the other cannabinoids and the unique properties they harbor.

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SunMed CBD CBG Flower can be vaporized, smoked, used for cooking, creating your skincare products, and more! We’ve sourced unique CBG-rich hemp that has much potential product uses.

When we say raw hemp, we mean that it is packed full of CBGA, which converts to CBG at elevated temperatures. In fact, this is just one of so many of the “acid” forms of cannabinoids that are overlooked for therapeutic benefits.

Therefore, this new product is unique in its chemical makeup and flexible in its raw form! In summary, you decide what use you want out of raw hemp from SunMed. Enjoy!

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