Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture – 660MG – Day Time Formula

Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture – 660MG – Day Time Formula


Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture

Brand: SunMed

Product Code: Sunmed CBG CITRUS CBD – 660MG – Day Time Formula

Recommended 2x a day Morning and Dinner.

Start Slow 1/2 dropper under tongue and hold 30-90 seconds to absorb, then swallow.

After a couple of days evaluate your feeling and body changes and go up in dose if needed up to 1 full dropper

Consistency is vital like most things in life.

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Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture – 660MG – Day Time Formula

This is our Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture daytime formula made with an extract that is not CBD dominant. It comprises CBG (~60%) and has a secondary component of CBD (~15%). We paired this tincture formulation with some bright citrus essential oils.

sunmed cbg oil tincture fort worthSo you are interested in cannabigerol oil? We don’t blame you! This is relatively new in CBD products, and we’re excited to bring it to you. Our CBG hemp oil has a high concentration of cannabigerol, CBD, and citrusy essential oils. We must say we can’t get enough of this product; getting tickled is a choice, and we love its energetic effect. And if you are interested in learning more about CBG and how it compares to CBD and CBN, we recommend you check out this article: CBD, CBN, and CBG: What’s the Difference?

Product Information:

Our SunMed Broad Spectrum CBG Citrus Hemp Oil Tincture is made with organically grown hemp’s highest quality.

SunMed CBG Hemp Oil is not a CBD isolate tincture but high-CBG broad-spectrum hemp oil without the THC. As a result, patients can benefit from an entire spectrum formulation without the THC by extracting the THC.

  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Broad Spectrum
  • This is not an isolated cannabigerol oil product—the cannabinoid ratio is approximately 70% CBG, with the remainder primarily CBD (ND THC*).
  • Our CBG hemp oil contains 22mg of cannabinoids per mL, or about 660mg total, with about 550mg of CBG / cannabigerol.
  • Uses MCT oil from coconuts as the base oil for better absorption.
  • Lime and orange essential oils and other natural flavors combine to give it a zesty, citrusy taste and an energetic effect.
  • Something we all need to get our day started with energy and Focus.

1 review for Sunmed CBG Citrus Tincture – 660MG – Day Time Formula

  1. Avatar of Gene Davis

    Gene Davis

    This is the best supplement by far I have ever taken. All-natural and made my body feel the difference immediately after the first few hours. I started slow and Now I take 1 dropper full in morning and 3/4 at dinner. Way to go, Congratulations Sunmed

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